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Abracadabra! Restoration Specialists Testimonials

"I must tell you how much I am enjoying my airy, modernized roomy living area. There were many big changes that I was not ready for and I did not know exactly how to go about making, but you helped turn that around. I do appreciate the service you gave me. Had you not been working with me, I don't know if I could have gone through with it. Thank you for your help with all of this. I am now living in a much nicer home that the one I use to have."

"My roof had been replace two years ago. But I had had some problems with continuing water damage. The roofing company said it was not a roof problem, rather it was a masonry problem. And the damage continued. Finally I learned about Abracadabra Restoration Specialists. Paul came out to look at my situation. The problem was definitely related to the way my roof had been put on. There were some steps that should have been taken. A series of "shortcuts" had left my roof (and my home) vulnerable. Not only did the roof get the proper treatment, the bathroom where the walls and ceilings were affected required more than just a paint job. Paul saw to it that all the repairs were made, the painting was well done, and he cleaned up after himself. All this was done in a timely manner, not making me wait for weeks between each step. I highly recommend Abracadabra. I just wish I had know about their work BEFORE I had dealt with the other roofers!"

"What I appreciate most about Abracadabra Restoration Specialists is their integrity. There is little of that in service companies anymore. They were the fourth roofing company I called to repair the issues with my roof and the only one who stopped the leak. Thank-you to Paul and his team."

"I was very pleased with Abracadabra from the start to finish as they installed my new roof. Paul and his crew did exactly what they said they would do. The estimate happened quickly, the work was started on schedule, everything was cleaned up each day, and Paul returned when the job was complete to walk through everything with me. He even called two weeks later after multiple rains to see if I was still satisfied with the work. It was great to have such personal service! I was also very impressed with the work crew. They were polite, did not smoke on my property, and used appropriate language while working. They worked hard and seemed to truly be a team. I think that in our current society these traits of dependability, honesty, genuine pride are rare. I really appreciate getting work done by a company that has those values. I highly recommend them."

"My home was badly in need of a new roof. I ran across Abracadabra Restoration Specialists. The price quoted was fair and after getting other estimates I felt safer with this company. It started out to be just a replacement roof then I decided t have them replace the gutters as well. From there we went inside the home; patched walls and repaired, plastered and painted the water damage to my living room ceiling and then painted the living room, kitchen, hall, doors, etc. I would highly recommend Abracadabra Restoration for any restoration your home needs. You will feel safe! Rest assured they will do a GREAT job. I now have a new looking home!"

"Our experiences working with Abracadabra was great, especially considering that our investment property in Roanoke had a roof problem which needed immediately attention is located in a different state than we reside. The punctuality, quality of the workmanship as well as the friendly and knowledgeable attitude that Mr. Paul Williamson show during the entire process made this experience in replacing the roof extremely easy and we could not be happier. We will recommend Abracadabra to everyone. It was great to find Abracadabra Restoration Specialist who guided us in the process of filing a complicated insurance claim, saved us a lot of money by making sure that the estimate for the claim is replacing the roof were correct. Mr Paul Williamson took the time to check and made the necessary inquiry, having the insurance adjuster come for the second time to check the measurements which were wrong, and by doing so we got the entire cost for the roof covered by the insurance. We will strongly recommend Abracadabra and Paul Williamson to everyone."

"Abracadabra Restoration Specialist did a great job at getting the work done in a timely manner. Paul was great from the start to inform me of what to expect. He stayed in contact with me from day one to make sure I did not have any questions or concerns. I never had any doubts that the roofing job would be completed correctly. When they left the site I could not ever tell they had been on my property. The work that was done was top quality and I would recommend his team to anyone. We need more people like Abracadabra in this world who really enjoy and love what they do for it shows in their work!"

"The team started at 8am just as promised with 4 or 5 people, worked steady until done. Good clean-up had me walk around for my approval. Abracadabra Restoration took the pain out of my insurance claim."

"The flat part of my 1928 built home began leaking and required a rubber membrane. Paul's crew stripped off the shingles, replaced the board underneath and put on the rubber membrane. The truly professional quality of the work makes it easy to recommend Abracadabra! Restoration Specialist"